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Complete, customer-driven solutions to make your property beautiful — and stay that way

Award-winning Medallion Landscape Management, Inc., is a one-stop source for all landscaping services. Whether it's planning, construction, upkeep, or repair, Medallion has the answer. Your needs are met by highly skilled professionals in our comprehensive programs: Landscape Management; Water Management; Tree Care; Landscape Renovation, Installation, and Design; and Pest and Disease Control.

Message from our CEO

Meet John Gates, and learn about Medallion’s dedication to customer and employee relations. He describes the importance of meeting — and exceeding — client expectations, noting the key role employees play in creating a successful company and delivering the best product.

New employment opportunities

Learn about the benefits and expectations that come when you join the Medallion team, which currently has the following openings: Account Manager, Assistant Account Manager, Irrigation Manager, and Irrigation Technician, Level II and Level III.