Medallion Landscape

is a full service landscape contractor; managing maintenance, enhancements, integrated pest control and installation for multi-family residential and commercial property. 

  • Commercial

  • Apartments

  • HOA's

  • Retail

We have worked with Medallion for several decades. They perform weekly maintenance on 16 of our properties, installations, and capital improvements. We love that Medallion is a family-run company. We're not just a number to them.
-Kevin, Landscape Program Manager

  • Maintenance

    Site Management, Turf Management, Ivy Mowing...

  • Installation /Renovations

    We will work with you to deliver the best solution for your property.

  • Tree Care

    With Certified ISA Arborists on staff, your trees are in good hands.

" Let's Make Your Garden Beautiful and Green! "

  • Enhancements

    We provide solutions to highlight focal areas of your property

  • Water Management

    We use sustainable landscape and water conservation methods.

  • Design Services

    Our landscape site designers will meet and exceed your goals.

Why Choose Us

We are a full-service landscaping company. Medallion Landscape provides a one-stop-shop of turnkey solutions for your landscaping needs with a team of seasoned professionals that enhance your property by providing more than just outstanding services.


Read what our clients have to say about Medallion Landscape.

  • Kevin

    Landscape Program Manager 

We entrust Medallion with almost all of our renovation work when we acquire properties. The reason for this is consistency. Rarely do mistakes happen and if they do, they are owned and taken care of with a professional ease that is foreign to most landscape contractors. One phone call is made and the issue gets resolved. There is no need for follow up in most cases. This speaks to how comfortable we are with the management of our urban landscape.

  • Mitsie


I have worked with Medallion Landscape Management for over 10 years. Medallion gives great service and excellent pricing and they have a can-do attitude. I value their service for several reasons — they know my standards from property to property, so I don’t have to worry or micromanage them; size does not matter — big or small they provide the same quality of work; and I’m assured of getting the highest quality for the best value, and service that’s consistent across the board.

  • Jennifer

    Commercial Property Manager

I thoroughly enjoy having Medallion as my landscape company for my two commercial properties. I find the team I work with to be exceptional in the customer service they provide, which is fast, knowledgeable, reliable and always courteous. Medallion also provides competitive rates and are always willing to work within my budget, which is very important.

  • Jeff

    Asset Manager

Working with Medallion Landscape is truly a pleasure — I actually call it a “business partnership”. They offer assistance above and beyond the standard landscape service; they have created landscape improvement plans that exceeded expectations, they handled all steps from planning, executing, and regular follow-up to ensure satisfaction. They also handle city requirements as part of their service. They are very knowledgeable regarding the proper plant selections, the type of soil, locations sun or shade, irrigation limitations, and sustainability for long term flowering foliage.